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Who benefits from communication coaching? 

The simple answer: anyone and everyone. 

It’s one thing to have a really great idea, it’s another thing entirely to be able to effectively communicate that idea to somebody else.

Whether you are a professional looking to improve your leadership style; a person wanting to increase their confidence; an organization becoming more inclusive; a small group needing to improve their work climate - you could benefit from a coaching & training session.

If you are interested in improving your interpersonal and public communication skills to effectively impact your relational dynamics, understanding, and awareness, both in the 'office' or at home - let's connect!

What is the difference between 'Communication' & 'Communications'?

Communication = human behaviour.

Communications = public relations/marketing/organizational news and information.

Here at SMR we offer coaching and training services in communication - no S.

This means we operate using communication theory that studies the communication patterns and processes of human behaviour. We understand the foundation of interpersonal and public communication effectiveness. Allowing us to educate you on the theory of communication that underpins the practical skill sets that allow us to communicate with others. 

Where do the sessions take place?

Given the current landscape and considering all public health protocols; all coaching and training sessions are available virtually.

In-person sessions and workshops can still be scheduled as long as all proper public health protocols, including physical distancing, can be safely and comfortably followed. 

When should I connect with a communication coach?

It is never too late. Being labelled as a 'poor' communicator is not a life sentence. Communication effectiveness can be learned, and there is always room for improvement.

If you have always wanted to become a more confident speaker or be more comfortable in interpersonal settings, then it's time to connect!

Need more specifics?

Before an interview. 

Entering a new role.

Developing your current role.

Maintaining or improving an intimate relationship. 

Raising children.

Preparing a presentation. 

Writing a speech.

Encouraging productivity. 

Creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment. 

Aiming to foster a more positive work environment. 

Challenging negative stereotypes.

Improving your listening skills. 

Managing your self concept. 

The list goes on and on...

Why SMR Communication?

At SMR we believe no matter what hat you wear, title you have, or skills you encompass - effective communication is about getting back to the basics.

Effective communication is essential for success, no matter how you define it,  across all industries and sectors.

We connect with you on the most basic human levels. Empathy meets expertise, educating you on the roots of common communication behaviour and the patterns they influence. 

We ask why, why do you communicate the way you do, and explain why it really matters.

We will challenge you to become a more effective, inclusive and reflective communicator in your personal and professional lives. 

We create confidence in today's communicators & tomorrow's leaders. Improving communication, connection, and community by educating you on the power of language and importance of inclusion, awareness, and empathy. Speech made right.  

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