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My Coaching Story

A people person who connects with you on the most basic human levels.

Empath meets expert.

Sarah has spent the last decade immersed in the fields of communication and education, working in post-secondary education for over 12 years. A former Marjorie S. Jost Scholar, she has been a facilitator, conference presenter, published researcher, and coach to various community groups, organizations, professionals, and students looking to improve their communication skills. An article Sarah co-authored, looking critically at media’s relationship with systemic social change, was recently published in the Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies.

With a desire to help people overcome their biggest fears, find confidence in their own knowledge and strengths, sharpen their leadership skills, and expand their communication practices to become more open, inclusive and inviting, and motivated by her 3C’s (communication, connection, community), she is striving to build supportive communities through effective communication. Highlighting the importance of inclusive language, gendered & mediated communication, Sarah enjoys educating others on the influence and impact our language has on the climates we create and contribute to. Throughout her own education and professional career, she only wished she could have learned communication theory earlier. Recognizing this, she decided to meet a need and fulfill a gap in the market in the local community and beyond, providing opportunities for others to develop their skills and highlight the importance of effective communication across industries and sectors.

SMR Communication – Speech Made Right, bringing communication coaching and training services to the broader community. Passionate about creating inclusive, effective, and confident communicators in the workplace and at home. Sarah aims to help you reach your personal communication goals by coping with the issues that are causing stress, discomfort, and miscommunication. Equipping you with the tools you need to advance your effective leadership skills, successfully manage conflict, and create positive climates. 

Communication, Connection, Community, are the guideposts of her career. Sarah takes great pride in the progress and success of her clients, and looks forward to helping you; whether you have a presentation for your company, an interview for your dream job, a breakdown in your interpersonal relationship, or a work climate that you’re trying to improve. Creating inclusive, effective, and understanding communicators can improve our interpersonal relationships, professional environments, and local communities. Let’s work together to improve your communication effectiveness today.

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